Twitter How To Get Followers Why does everyone on Tumblr act like theyre some sort of celebrity?

Question: Why does absolutely everyone on Tumblr act like theyre some sort of celebrity?
like they are always like “hi new followers, sorry i’ve been gone for a although…”
and “you can inquire me for suggestions Whenever, i’ll usually be here for my followers.”
and they get all defensive when someone asks how several followers they have. and they pretend like they don’t have a facebook, twitter, myspace, when i know DAMN Nicely they do have 1. oh yeah, and i know them personally. like we’re genuinely very good friends, but alot of them won’t follow me back? makes me feel like they feel they are also excellent for me.

i’m new to this web site, i just need to have help. am i the only one particular who feels this way? am i the only one who is MYSELF on tumblr? i am not ashamed to be myself, and tell folks i DO have a facebook, and a twitter also.

ugh, so annoyed. aid me out.

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Solution by whatnotery q
thats has not been my expierience with tumblr but bear in mind tumblr is created out of individuals and thefore various based on who you comply with ,what you blog about, etcetera

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