How To Get Twitter Followers query about twitter?

Question: question about twitter?
i maintain getting the staus update i didn’t even do from this “get much more fans” internet site i logged into. i didnt even join just logged into it. ever considering that i have done that it retain posting these status updates on my account which search like this

heyy i got much more fans from joining (the website)

i dont know why it does this but it just keeps on undertaking it! i dont know how or if you can cease it from doing this but i was wondering if anyone would be able to assist me out here?

does any 1 know how to end these tweets i didnt even do … that advertise “get more followers” site … to quit appearing all together and as if i have posted them?

it would support so considerably if any person could answer this query! thankyou

Finest answer:

Solution by Peter
You got scammed. By logging in, you gave them your credentials and permission to post messages to twitter on your behalf. They are now utilizing that to try out to scam your pals as effectively. It really is a pretty scummy point to do. 🙁

There is a couple of items you can do to repair it. Just changing your password may function. But to be sure, you want to log in to twitter and look at the list of applications that have permission to access your account. Hit the Settings link, then go to the “Connections” section. You will get to a page that says “You have allowed the following applications to access your account”, with a list of all the applications that are allowed to log in as you.

Hopefully the “get a lot more fans” site will be listed with an apparent name. If you can uncover it, just click the “revoke access” link up coming to it and it’ll be gone. If not, it may be greatest to just revoke access for everything you don’t recognise.

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Get Twitter Followers Query and Answer: Why do people want other men and women to turn into “followers” on Twitter?

Query: Why do folks want other men and women to grow to be “followers” on Twitter?
I dont get it. personal i think followers who dont know u are stalkers. can somebody please clarify…

Greatest answer:

Answer by Cheif Goku C
If you know about facebook or myspace, when you comply with an individual on twitter, it is like adding a pal on facebook. In my viewpoint, stick with Facebook or Myspace, Twitter is just a low cost knockoff.

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Much more Twitter Followers **Twitter query!!*** Need to I GO ON These “GET Much more FOLLOWERS Web sites” ?

Query: **Twitter question!!*** Need to I GO ON These “GET Much more FOLLOWERS Internet sites” ?
im new to Twitter. loving it so far. just questioning any1s viewpoint on those “get far more followers” websites. just asking yourself if they are worth trying??, OR not. anything helpz!

Ideal answer:

Answer by Firzen
No, no, no, no, no and NO.

Against Twitters’ terms of service, not worth carrying out since it could get you banned. And they will not be ‘true’ followers, just fake accounts created to comply with you.

(I am assuming you’re talking about the web sites where you ‘buy’ followers)

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