How To Get Twitter Followers Adore vs Like…aid please?

Question: Really like vs Like…support please?
Okay so there is this guy I’ve known virtually my whole existence and we had crushes on each and every other when we were little. For what ever reason we hadn’t really hangout or talked in a number of many years until this September when he ended up taking me to homecoming (that’s a whole various story that would take forever to make clear). The chemistry from when we have been small was even now highly in tact and we ended up being in a relationship with each and every other. He’s my very first really like and we tell every single other this all the time. Nevertheless, I was just on his twitter and his most latest tweet said “I have a crush on #oomf (one of my followers)”. I do not count on him to think I saw this due to the fact I do not have a twitter myself. When I study this my heart fell and now I am just genuinely depressed and don’t know what to do or how to go about the scenario simply because I did not precisely belong on his profile in he very first spot I just got bored and looked on it. Must I disregard it totally or see if he brings it up or what? Please help I feel so upset right now.

We hang out and speak virtually all the time and even talked about existence with each other right after school so it’s not like he isn’t a good particular person and that we argue a lot or that I was expecting to see anything at all like this.

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Answer by Darlene Q
It does not sound like a big deal, maybe he just thinks she’s cute but absolutely nothing much more. If he’s with you and as you described the way your connection is I do not think you have anything to fear about. Just don’t bring up the truth that you study that tweet since he’ll most likely experience like you are not giving him area.

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Get Followers In Twitter Need to have advice please! is this negative?

Question: Need to have suggestions please! is this undesirable?
I just got a twitter and needed to test it out. So i aimed to uncover much more followers and followed my ex. Is that a large deal? Due to the fact i just saw it as “its just twitter” and his page wasnt private or anything so is that bad in a way wherever it appears i want attention

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Answer by viana0181
effectively, it really is not poor but you naturally really feel guilty b/c you posted a query on yahoo about it. so there need to be something ‘not right’ about what you’re doing.

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How To Get Twitter Followers twitter questing please?? :)?

Question: twitter questing please?? :)?
ok so i clicked on one particular of those “get far more twitter followers” web sites nd since then its been updating my profile devoid of my permission and it wont how do i stop it please??
ps i know this Q doesnt belong here but more ppl seem to be right here..ty 🙂

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Answer by MorganCee ———
Go on your settings and change your password then they can not access your account.

Hope I helped!

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