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Grace Dent: 100 points about me and Twitter
When the writer joined the social network three years ago, she utilized it to share random thoughts about Tv and life. Given that then, she has become a Twitter addict. In an extract from her new book, she explains what she loves – and hates – about it 1. My name is @gracedent . two. I joined Twitter on four June 2008. 3. @febake was the first individual to tell me about Twitter. It took him many months of …
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iPhone and iPad Security: 4 Suggestions to Stay Protected
Even though waiting for Apple to fix the 3. vulnerability, follow these four practices to steer clear of getting bitten by malware.
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iPhone and iPad Security: four Tips to Remain Secure
Are you worried about all the ruckus above the three. vulnerability for your iPhone and iPad? Whilst you’re waiting for Apple to come out with a fix, there are a few security precautions you can take.
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Twitter to Kill Old Interface ‘Very, Very Soon’
Twitter is migrating all users to “the new Twitter” platform imminently. If you haven’t currently switched, here’s what you require to know.
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Twitter scam claims to get you more followers
A scam that has been making its way about Twitter for some time has resurfaced recently and promises to increase a user’s followers, but actually provides control of one’s account to a questionable third celebration.
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Twitter Plans a Main Campaign to Push Ads
Facebook will create $ 3.5 billion in revenue this year. Twitter, regardless of its 300 million registered users, is anticipated to pull in just $ 100 million in income.
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