How To Get Twitter Followers Aid! Ought to I be worried?

Question: Help! Really should I be worried?
Okay so there’s this guy I’ve recognized actually my entire lifestyle and we had crushes on each other when we had been tiny. For what ever cause we hadn’t actually hangout or talked in a number of years till this September when he ended up taking me to homecoming (that is a whole different story that would take forever to explain). The chemistry from when we had been small was nonetheless extremely in tact and we ended up becoming in a romantic relationship with every other. He’s my 1st really like and we inform every single other this all the time. Nonetheless, I was just on his twitter and his most modern tweet said “I have a crush on #oomf (one particular of my followers)”. I don’t assume him to assume I saw this because I do not have a twitter myself. When I read this my heart fell and now I am just really depressed and do not know what to do or how to go about the scenario simply because I didn’t specifically belong on his profile in he first spot I just got bored and looked on it. Ought to I ignore it entirely or see if he brings it up or what? Please aid I really feel so upset right now.

We hang out and speak virtually all the time and even talked about existence with each and every other right after school so it really is not like he isn’t a very good man or woman and that we argue a lot or that I was expecting to see anything at all like this.

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Answer by BryanJ
Straightforward, go back on twitter, and ask him what he meant. It is a social network web site.

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