Get Followers In Twitter I need to have support with an ex’s signals?

Query: I need to have assist with an ex’s signals?
So heres the shortened story..
Nicely me and my ex broke up about four or five months ago due to lack of feelings i guess you could say. I complete on loved him but he was a small iffy. We dated for a year and a half. We knew eachother so properly so i felt like we shouldnt have to say goodbye forever. yesterday i saw he got a twitter so i texted him saying “(his name) gave into twitter?!” and he responded “LOL i did!!” we had a wonderful talk just before i went to sleep. He seemed so interested in convorsation, he kept asking me queries and this kind of. So he bvioulsy followed me on twitter. Meanwhile, tolday in my math class i went on twitter and i lost a follower. Turns out.. it was him! i was so confused …so i teexted him..”you unfollowed me lmao ew” and he in no way replyed…

So heres the factor.. my pal told me that maybe he cant deal with it because he assume he’ll build mre emotions for me once more? Please inform me your thoughts.. xoxo

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Answer by CommonChrisSense
Sorry Hun, you are friend is saying that to be good. He is not interested. I would not bring it up any longer. if she is correct, which is unlikely, he will discover other approaches to connect with even if it is painfull. Please try out to discover someone else and stay away from him moving forward. I know it will be hard because you had been in really like with him, but you do not want to seem desperate. That will only turn him off much more.

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