Free Twitter Adder Free Twitter Mass Following Tool for Multiple Accounts?

Question: Free Twitter Mass Following Tool for Multiple Accounts?
Does somebody know a program to easily manage my 10 twitter accounts so that everyone can follow up to 500 people in a special list or the followers of special people? So that I have to only hit a button and he follows 500 persons from the list #teamfollowback for example – just as easy as possible for 10 accounts… I hope you get what I want.
I heard of Twitter FriendAdder (“8. Now Download Twitter Friend Adder or download from here:- twitter-friend-adder”) but the Download link provided there is broken, so I’m searching for a new one.
Don’t bother send me advertising for a special tool, I don’t want to pay, if that’s possible – or at least it should be crackable…

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Answer by Nichole
hi there,

There are several ways in getting twitter followers. One of the best ways I know is joining social media exchange, the more visible you are in this type of network the more visible you are to people. This strategy works pretty well on my end. I use this platform by the way.

free twitter adder
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