Twitter Bot what is a koala dance bot?

Question: what is a koala dance bot?
so if everyone knows chachi from i.aM.mE she talks about koala dance bots on twitter. and i see a bunch of folks on twitter say they are koala dance bots.what is it? and how do you become a “koala dance bot?” i genuinely want to know! so please please please someone assist me!!

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Answer by JenGen
Chachi’s fans apparently – but I haven’t the vaguest thought who Chachi is.

This a single?

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How To Get Twitter Followers twitter questing please?? :)?

Question: twitter questing please?? :)?
ok so i clicked on one particular of those “get far more twitter followers” web sites nd since then its been updating my profile devoid of my permission and it wont how do i stop it please??
ps i know this Q doesnt belong here but more ppl seem to be right here..ty 🙂

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Answer by MorganCee ———
Go on your settings and change your password then they can not access your account.

Hope I helped!

how to get twitter followers
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