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  1. hmmm, not a view I hold, but everyone’s jornuey is unique of course. Pointless ? not to me. Everything you / I /we do matters and has an effect, perceptable or not. Just because we can’t see, feel or understand something with our minds doesn’t mean it’s without purpose. Not to me anyway. Don’t forget that trying to understand life with your rational mind, as you seem to be describing here, is only using half of the equipment and tools we are all given.If you’re genuinely wanting to understand the universe fully, you would, I believe, have to become one with it, and that would mean going beyond the limits of your known and conscious mind. You most likely would burst into light I would imagine, but that’s a guess I don’t need to understand the purpose of life ( the why’ ) but I do know that all things matter and all things are connected. I also reached this view experientially, not just through contemplation, meditation or thought processes.Hope you don’t mind me adding my views to your piece here.

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