Get Followers In Twitter Need to have advice please! is this negative?

Question: Need to have suggestions please! is this undesirable?
I just got a twitter and needed to test it out. So i aimed to uncover much more followers and followed my ex. Is that a large deal? Due to the fact i just saw it as “its just twitter” and his page wasnt private or anything so is that bad in a way wherever it appears i want attention

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Answer by viana0181
effectively, it really is not poor but you naturally really feel guilty b/c you posted a query on yahoo about it. so there need to be something ‘not right’ about what you’re doing.

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  1. its not that bad, but are you still hung up on him? maybe that’s why you want to follow him… but its not a huge deal, i mean after all it’s not private! 🙂 x

  2. i dont think there is nothing wrong with just “talking” to your ex. i mean if you have a bf then thats another story.

  3. No, this isn’t bad at all. If you didn’t mean for it to be “omg i’m going to follow him so that I can see what he’s doing every single minute of every single day without his knowledge” then it isn’t. Don’t worry about it, sweetie. The fact is, that it IS just Twitter, and just because you follow your ex doesn’t mean you FOLLOW your ex (in that creepy stalker way.)
    So don’t worry about it. If he has a problem with it, then he can get over it. 🙂

  4. No its not a bad thing I probably would do the same thing you will get tired of him after you meet someone else you like and you will have forgotten all about him just don’t take it any further then that then it could be labeled as obsessive behavior (stalking) If he didn’t want you to see his twitter page he would block you so no worries.

  5. I am friends with some of my exes i think it is ok if you want to keep in touch i am not into twitter so much so i am not exactly sure what it is like ? If he doesn’t like it i am sure there is a way he can remove you rite ? Just be how you wanna be don’t worry what others say Goodluck : )

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